How To Pick The Right Stream After Class 10

How To Pick The Right Stream After Class 10

Tue May 31, 2022    

“Now what?”

The years after every student’s 10th standard are their formative years, career and education-wise. The stream they pick during these years decides the career and education path that they would be following for plus 2 and further studies. It goes without saying that this choice has to be made with careful thought and consideration. The crucial decision should be free from any kind of judgment or pressure of any kind and solely needs to be based on one question, “Is this good for me?”

“Is this good for me?”

This question is subject to a lot of factors. This means the entire process of choosing the right stream after the 10th is systemic and multi-dimensional. It is your first step in the academic journey of choosing the top best colleges in India after the 12th.

KaunsaCollege being your right CareerBuddy, right from the beginning to the very end of the entire process, has curated some pivotal factors to be considered while deciding on the right stream. 


  • Area of Interest: Did you know? People who have a field of work in tune with their area of interest are more likely to be happy at their work and perform better than their counterparts. This means your area of interest will play a big role in your job satisfaction later on. Let’s face it, what you study plays a big role in determining your job role later in life. Moreover, it is important to enjoy the process, i.e., the process of acquiring knowledge. This can be solely achieved if you pick your stream wisely, based on your area of interest. Ask yourself, “Do I see myself doing this in the future?”

  • Rely on aptitude/psychometric tests: Psychometric assessments are widely used in career guidance and employment to match a person's abilities and personality to a suitable career or role. Various aptitude tests are also available that help you understand your personality and capabilities and help you make the right stream/career decision. 

  • Talk to a career counselor/ CareerBuddy: This one is our favorite. The people around you can often cause more confusion concerning the choice of subject. The pressure of every kind is at its peak and so is the fear of judgment. Turning to a CareerBuddy to get the right guidance might be a great decision. For example, if you are unsure about pursuing an academic field in science after class 10, a CareerBuddy helps you curate a list of Science Diploma Courses after 10th. At KaunsaCollege, we help you determine the right stream for you with the help of various tests, extensive, well-researched counseling sessions, and learned career experts, we ensure that every ounce of confusion is driven away and you make a clear and precise stream choice that is right for you. 


  • Scope of the subject: Perhaps this point is going to make you understand the importance of the previous factor. Understanding what each stream holds for you. The subjects, the scope, the field of work involved, the degrees to pursue, and the difficulty level as per your aptitude test will help you determine what stream suits you best. You must keep in mind the utility each subject holds for you in the future. A CareerBuddy from KaunsaCollege helps you realize the latest trends and updates in each stream, which also includes the expenses of each course in every stream that you will incur in the near future. For example, admission fees for colleges.

Your career is no joke. But the process of making the right choices for it does not always have to be hectic, chaotic, or extremely serious, especially when you have a buddy right next to you. KaunsaCollege with its team of career experts will ensure that you make the right choice at all times.

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