CMR University


CMR University is a private university in Karnataka with three campuses in Bengaluru. The university aims to encourage creative thinkers to drive positive global change and equip them with the required skills and knowledge to pursue a career in their chosen fields. CMR University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the disciplines of architecture, design, engineering, law, management, economics & commerce, social sciences & humanities, education, and science studies.

About CMR University

CMR University is the place for future independent thinkers, product leaders, artists, designers, and innovators, where they learn creative concepts and design thinking with all areas of study and assessment and evaluation of students’ capabilities are on the basis of real-life skills such as teamwork, presentation, research and initiative. The university holds a space for nurturing ideas and making new discoveries and creations.    

With the vision of offering multi, inter and cross-disciplinary programs, the university effectively blends in tech-enabled teaching and learning process. Its emphasis on research-led teaching and learning in an experiment-favoring environment is aimed at developing critical thinking skills and creating leaders of a knowledge-based economy.
The university boasts highly qualified faculty with research, industry and academic experience, contemporary industry relevant and certified curriculum, integrated design thinking pedagogy and beyond classroom experiences. Accompanied by these, students get to experience work-life though industry partnerships. Their engagement in project-based learning, global immersion programs, internships, and the mandatory community service program are intended to give students the skills to navigate in the real world.

Student accommodation at the university is spacious, well lit and ventilated with separate quarters for boys and girls.   

CMR University also hosts facilities for learning sports like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, throw ball, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics and more. The university offers training and practice for team sports while it also provides sportspersons accommodation in hostels, extra academic coaching, travel allowance, and financial & academic support.  A range of extra-curricular and co-curricular programs are also available that include student clubs, community projects, service fairs and more.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered at eight specialized centres of learning at CMR University.

Architecture Design Engineering & Technology Legal Studies Management Economics & Commerce Social Sciences & Humanities Science Studies
B.Arch B.Des. Communication Design B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) BA. LL.B. (Hons.) BBA B.Com. BA English Journalism with Psychology BCA
  B.Des. Product Design B.Tech. CSE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning BBA. LL.B. (Hons.) BBA Digital Marketing B.Com. Professional – CA Integrated B.Sc. Psychology BCA Cloud Computing
  B.Des. Fashion Design B.Tech. CSE Data Science LL.B. BBA Business Analytics B.Com International Accounting & Finance M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical, Counseling, Human Resource Development & Management) BCA Data Science
  B.Des. Interior (Space) Design B.Tech. Information Technology LL.M. Constitutional Law, Commercial Law MBA with specialization
(marketing/ HR/ finance/ business analytics/ digital marketing/ supply chain management)
    BCA Game Development
    B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering   Executive MBA in Product Leadership     B.Sc. Sound Engineering
    M.Tech.         B.Sc. Visual Effects & Animations 
    MCA         MCA


All programs at the university are integrated with employability training modules from the first semesters. The programs include sessions on aptitude, verbal ability, technical soft skills, and basic IT programming skills. The training modules aim to develop students’ interpersonal skills, professionalism with idealistic, practical & moral values, strong base in fundamental mathematical concepts, and approaches & strategies to solve problems with speed & accuracy. Company specific training is also conducted in the pre-final and final years before the start of the campus recruitment drives.