The Cuet Biology2023 is a highly recommended course on biology for students appearing for cuet 2023 as it is organised in accordance with the National Testing Agency's syllabi (NTA). Kaunsa College compiles the lessons on lines of NCERT class 12 syllabus and teaches the same principles in detail with the addition to rigorous preparatory exercises. We believe in encouraging curious questions about matters and explaining them thoroughly. A brief follow-up session is added to give aspirants the useful tips and tricks to easily cover vast syllabus, have a structured approach for quick revisions with easy recall strategies. Biology is one of domain specific subjects under category II of cuet exam paper. It includes many sub topics under 5 fundamental units. All the topics are equally important. The categorization of the unit with topics under it is as follows: Reproduction - Reproduction in organisms - Asexual and sexual reproduction - Human Reproduction - Reproductive health Genetics and Evolution - Heredity and variation - Molecular Basis of Inheritance - Evolution Biology and Human Welfare - Health and Disease - Improvement in food production - Microbes in human welfare Biotechnology and Its Applications - Principles and process of Biotechnology - Application of Biotechnology in health and agriculture Ecology and environment - Organisms and environment - Ecosystems - Biodiversity and its conservation - Environmental Issues