CUET English ( section 1A, language) 2023 course is structured according to the syllabus prescribed by the National Testing Agency(NTA). KaunsaCollege is the platform which provides detailed lectures on various important topics, chapter wise doubt sessions ,weekly tests, practice modules and study material. CUET English syllabus comprises of the following topics:- 1. Reading Comprehension: There will be three types of passages (maximum 300-350 words): i. Factual ii. Narrative iii. Literary 2. Verbal Ability 3. Rearranging the parts 4. Choosing the correct word 5. Synonyms and Antonyms 6. Vocabulary here we will be practicing reading comprehensions along with the following important grammar topics : 1. Noun: Kinds of Nouns -Gender, Number, Case 2. Adjectives: Kinds of Adjectives, Comparison of Adjectives ( degrees of comparison) 3. Verb, Phrasal Verbs, Types of verbs, Auxiliaries 4. Active and Passive Voice 5. Tenses: Present tense, Past tense, Future tense 6. The uses of the Tenses: Simple Present tense, Present continuous tense, Present perfect tense, Present perfect continuous tense 7. The uses of the tenses : Simple past tense, Past continuous tense, Past perfect tense, Past perfect continuous tense 8. The uses of the tenses: Simple Future tense, Future continuous tense, Future perfect tense, Future perfect continuous tense 9. The Infinitives, Participles, Gerund: Finite verb, Verb Infinite, Uses of Infinitive, Participial Phrase. Gerund 10. The Adverb: Meaning, Kinds of Adverbs 11. The Preposition: Kinds of prepositions 12. The Conjunction, The Interjection: Meaning, Classes of Conjunctions, Some conjunctions and their uses, Interjections : meaning, uses 13. Phrases, Idioms , Clauses: Adjective phrase, Noun phrase, Adverb phrase