CUET HISTORY 2023 Course is structured according to the syllabus prescribed by the National Testing Agency (NTA). KAUNSA COLLEGE Provides a platform where Candidates find a detailed overview of the cuet history syllabus along with the crash course,doubt sessions,Test series, quizes & prepration tips ahead. CUET 2023 HISTORY syllabus has important topics like Harappan Archaeology, Political and Economic History, Social Histories using the Mahabharata, A History of Buddhism, Religious Histories, Medieval society through Travellers’ Accounts etc. CUET history syllabus is based on the level of Class 12th. Here are the history books candidates should consider in order to prepare for the entrance test: NCERT History Part 1 Index Theme 1 – Bricks, Beads And Bones Theme 2 – Kings, Farmers And Towns Theme 3 – Kinship, Caste And Class Theme 4 – Thinkers, Beliefs And Buildings NCERT History Part 2 Index Theme 5 – Through The Eyes Of Travellers Theme 6 – Bhakti –Sufi Traditions Theme 7 – An Imperial Capital Vijayanagara Theme 8 – Peasants, Zamindars And The State Theme 9 – Kings And Chronicles NCERT History Part 3 Index Theme 10 – Colonialism And The Countryside Theme 11 – Rebels And The Raj Theme 12 – Colonial Cities Theme 13 – Mahatma Gandhi And The Nationalist Movement Theme 14- Understanding Partition Theme 15 – Framing The Constitution