Political Science

CUET Political Science Course is structured according to the syllabi prescribed by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Kaunsa College tailors the lessons along the same lines and adds rigorous practice for preparation. The course elaborates on the prescribed broad themes; Politics in India since independence and Contemporary World Politics. The lessons are put together with the approach to help grasp the themes with frequent assessments.We believe in encouraging curious doubts pertaining to the topics and expounding on a solid foundation. With the ambition of strategizing the most crucial time before exam, precise follow up sessions are added for additional clarity of the aspirants. The former theme of Politics in India since independence is further bifurcated into the sub-categories that consists of: - Era of one party dominance, - Nation building and its problems, - Politics of planned development, - India’s external relations, - Challenge to and restoration of Congress system, - Crisis of the constitutional order, - Regional aspirations and conflicts, - Rise of new social movements, - Democratic upsurge and coalition politics, and - Recent issues and challenges. The latter theme of Contemporary World Politics is similarly put forth as following: -The Cold war era in world politics - Disintegration of the second world and the collapse of bipolarity - US dominance in world politics - Alternative centres of economic and political power - South Asia in the post-Cold war era - International Organisations in a unipolar world - Security in contemporary world - Environment and natural resources in global politics - Globalisation and its critics The coverage of the syllabus is done precisely keeping in mind sufficient study time of the aspirants.The teaching methodology is based on open dialogue to encourage doubts clarity timely. Focused assessments are prepared to help aspirants build a competitive and conducive mind during the preparation.