Reasons to Study Engineering in India

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Reasons to Study Engineering in India

Engineering as a field of study has always been highly regarded among students and parents in India for its prospects after the degree. Despite that, there are apprehensions because of the efforts required for the entrances and after.

India has some of the most renowned colleges in the world and curriculums that develop rewarding skills in students through their specialized methods. Indian engineers are also known to have gained leadership positions in companies and academic institutes the world over. Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Satish Dhawan, Vikram Sarabhai, APJ Abdul Kalaam, Raghuram Rajan and many others have demonstrated exemplary capacities to change the world.

Statistically too, it is seen that engineers do extremely well at the management front apart from developing, maintaining and building on existing technologies. In India's most prestigious institute of Management (IIM- Indian institute of Management), 90 percent of students are from engineering background. It is has also been recorded that 16 percent of the start-ups in the Silicon Valley have Indian co-founders1.

Here are some factors to dispel why engineering can be a fulfilling field to pursue for students who are just starting out:

Get to Innovate

Innovation is the basis of how we evolve now. There are novel ideas in technology emerging from every corner of the country and the world. If you look around, you’ll see so many objects, devices, gadgets, rather everything man-made has engineer minds behind it. It is the way forward if you have it in you to create something of value to human life with zeal.

Know the science behind things

Inquisitive minds always want to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind everything. If you are a curious cat too and want to know the science of thousands of things we use in our lives, engineering can help you find answers and give you ways and chances to practice and create them.

Have financial security

Engineering is a field that can assure that you will not have to struggle to make ends meet and be financially dependent. A proficient engineer never has to make a compromise with their lifestyle. It is a profession that most companies pay generously for. Engineers are also greatly involved in the emerging fields of Ed Tech, and cloud computing, where opportunities are never limited.

Get opportunities to work in multiple industries in both government and private sector

Engineering graduates get to explore working in a variety of fields and industries. Automobile, software, education, fashion, hardware, interior design, materials, construction, metallurgy, music, media, entertainment and many more fields require engineers’ expertise and depend largely on the technology that only a knowledgeable technical team can bring in. This works well on the part of the professionals as well who experience working in different environments and learn and pick up allied skills.

Be a part of the technological revolution

Think about an object most dear to you - your phone, most probably. Now think of the phones we had 5 years back. Do you realize how much technology has changed? The hardware and software have been upgraded to points beyond our imagination in such a short time span. This is the contribution of hardware engineers, software developers, app developers and countless more. The ease we now experience in calling a cab, getting groceries, medicines is unmatched and there is credibility of the services that rendered to us. Besides there is innovation in agriculture and medical science, processing and preserving foods to retain nutrition and last longer, robotic surgeries and such splendid technologies have uplifted the society to a great extent.

Studying to be an engineer in today’s world is as gratifying as it is a challenge in the beginning. If a student finds a readiness and an impulse to follow this path, everything else will fall in place. The industry is emerging and evolving at a great speed and there’s much scope for enthusiastic graduates to make a mark.

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