KaunsaCollege works closely with its community of students

Kaunsa College is a portal for students to tap into the world of opportunity. It allows browsing, selecting and making applications to suitable programs in Indian colleges and renders all services needed throughout the process.

The exhaustive list of academic institutes and programs at the platform makes the search uncomplicated and comparisons easier.

It offers filtered searches where students can search by eligibility, competenciesand parameters that are important to them.

Counseling is also an important part of our system for the students to get the required guidance before taking their big leap.

With the latest updates about institutes, admissions and exams, students will never lose a chance to lack of awareness.

How We Help?


Pick the Right Program

There’s no wrong choice of programs, but there are many right ones. We’ll help you make choices that are good for YOU.



We enable you to make multiple applications to academic institutes in India with your personal smart device withgreat ease.


Get Updates

We stay in touch with colleges and universities to get you latest updates about admissions, exams and the status of your applications.