Terms and Conditions

1. The client has fully understood the Institutes in terms of public / private location, course content, reputation, cost of tuition fee and their policies and living expenses, alternate sessions, their local laws and rules and regulations applicable to students. Besides information available with the firm, the client has been strongly advised to research the institutes being applied to through Internet, correspondence and other means to fully understand the above-mentioned issues. Finally, on fee payment to a particular institute's offer/acceptance letter, the student understands that the institute selected is his/her firm & final choice.

2. The client will provide the firm with all documents in relation to the application as recommended by the firm. Not submitting the documents or not proceeding further would be indication of voluntary abandonment of the application.

3. *The services provided by KaunsaCollege are free, but tuition fee, application fee, and other miscellaneous charges are applicable.

4. *This plan is valid only for residents or citizens of India, excluding students from certain regions/cities. For details, email us at info@kaunsacollege.com

5. The student is strongly recommended to arrange and show proof for his accommodation within the institute vicinity and travel all the way to the arranged accommodation/institute.

6. Taxes : It is agreed, that after signing of the retainer agreement and during the subsistence of the same, any service levy/tax imposed by the government, through its appropriate authority, would solely be paid by the client